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Please be advised that this section has images that might upset some people. 


These images show the very real impact dogs can have on koalas.








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koalas and dogs


While koalas do spend most of their time in trees, sometimes they  need to move around on the ground.

They could be moving between trees that don't have close branches they can jump to. Crossing open ground to reach various food and resting trees in their territory.

Younger koalas need to find their own home range at approx. 2 years of age - this is called dispersal. They often have to travel across open ground to find other trees and establish their own home range.

During breeding season, male koalas are more active moving around their home range seeking a female to mate with.   This might mean even moving through your yard or up a road. While most of this activity happens at dusk or at night occasionally you might see a koala moving around during the day.


on the ground











 So what do you do if you have a local koala population and have a dog?


1. If a Koala comes into your property, put your dog inside your house or garage until the Koala has left.

2. In addition to the danger of attack, koalas are very easily stressed by dogs barking etc.

3. Don’t allow your dog to “play” with koalas or any other wildlife.

4. Take your dog on regular walks so it doesn’t get bored.

5. If you take your dog into the bush, use a leash.

6. At night, if you hear your dog continually barking at something, investigate, most wildlife including koalas

   are more active from dusk to dawn.

7. Notify local council immediately about roaming dogs or about irresponsible dog ownership.



 Jamie (above) had multiple bites on her legs from a small dog. After a while  the skin and muscle died exposing her leg bone. After months incare the wound improved (below right) until eventually it healed completely. She has been released back to the bush.    


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