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Habitat.... it's a word you hear quiet often when you are talking about wildlife, but what is it?

Habitat is a place where a species get what they need to survive: food, water, shelter and also a place to raise their young. 

Habitat for koalas are areas of eucalyptus trees. In the Macedon Ranges Shire  and surronding districts, we have areas of vast eucalypt forests, but not all of it is suitable habitat for koalas, why?

In "learn about koalas"  we saw that they are very selective about the leaves they eat.

It is indeed the selection of appropriate food trees that govern where koalas live - their habitat.




The area that the koala lives in is called its home range - this area has its food and shelter trees. 

A koala home range is made of different types of trees; different species of eucalytpus trees and other types of trees. 

The types of trees that koalas love to eat are call primary food trees. Others that they will eat sometimes are call, secondary food trees. They also have other trees in their home range that use soley for sleeping.